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The Bell homestead

Brantford, Ontario, is an excellent place to visit if you like history because there are plenty of historic sites in this city. But you can’t just start touring around immediately after arriving because there are just so many of them.

Therefore, it’s recommended to prepare a list of Brantford historic sites that are particularly interesting. Fortunately, we’ve done all the homework for you, so you don’t waste your time searching. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to share information about historic sites in Brantford, Ontario.

We know if you follow our guide, you” experience a truly incredible tour of the various historic sites in Brantford, Ontario. So, let’s talk about the Abundant Health Chiropractor Brantford top choices for historic sites in Brantford, Ontario, that you ‘ll want to visit while in Brantford, Ontario.

Our Top Brantford Historic Sites

Bell Homestead National Historic Site

Alexander Graham Bell Brantford Historic Sites AHCWhether you’re looking for a serious historical tour or a casual one, Bell Homestead is one of the most important sites you can’t ignore. Whenever you’d tell someone about your visit to Brantford, they’d definitely ask you about whether you visited Bell Homestead or not because this is the place where the first telephone was invented in 1874.

Yes, it was Alexander Graham Bell’s father’s property and the location where he completed his research on the telephone. The property was later on handed over to the Canadian government, so they may use it as a historic site. The local government merged the property with Melville’s house to produce an attractive spot for tourists.

In this site, you’d learn how the telephone went through different phases of development. The homestead offers educational trips, day camps, and guided tours for those interested in learning the history of the telephone.

The guides will show you how the first version of the telephone worked and how it completed different phases of development to reach the point where it could easily fit into your pocket. We bet you won’t get bored while learning the history of the telephone. In fact, you’d come back to your home with lots of exciting information.

Mohawk Chapel

Mohawk Chapel Brantford Historic Sites AHCMohawk Chapel is Canada’s first-ever Anglican church that was built in 1785. There are only three Royal Chapels in Canada, and the Mohawk Chapel is one of them. This church was given the status of National Historic Site in 1981.

Joseph Brant and Mohawks provided essential support to the British Crown during the American Revolution. So, the British Crown constructed this church to reward them symbolically. The church is commonly known as the St. Paul’s church.

The chapel is a beautiful, quaint, and simple building that was renovated several times. It’s a great example of gothic style architecture. During your visit to Mohawk Chapel, you’d find the tomb of Joseph Brant. But it’s worth knowing that Joseph was initially buried in Burlington after his death. But the authorities decided to move his remains to Mohawk Chapel in 1850.

The Mohawk Chapel is an incredibly important chapter of Canada’s history.

Canadian Military Heritage Museum

If you’re interested in exploring the military-related information, Canadian Military Heritage Museum is ideal for you. This museum displays the artifacts the Canadian government used in different wars. You’d get to see a replica of a Pfalz DIII fighter plane, a Ferret Armoured car and an MG 08 Spandau machine gun from WWI.

You’d also get to see the artifacts that were used in the war of 1812. You can visit this museum to collect information about how the Canadian military fought different battles and wars with its enemies. This museum also displays some weapons that were used long before world wars.

Woodland Cultural Center

This center was designed to preserve the culture and history of Anishinaabe and Onkwehon. The authorities organize workshops and exhibitions for people who are interested in learning history. The guided tours are also organized at different times of the year to facilitate the tourists who have come from different parts of the world.

This cultural center shares information about the past of Southern Ontario’s First nations. It’s a great place to understand the history of locals.

The Woodland Cultural Center is one of the few residential school buildings still standing in Canada. A residential school was a boarding school for First Nation children to assimilate the native children into European Christian society. The school is being turned into a memorial, charity, and place to educate on the deep and dark history of residential schools in Canada.

Glenhyrst Art Gallery

Glenhyrst art gallery has a permanent collection of 600 artworks that will leave your jaws wide open. This art gallery is not just an attractive option for art lovers, but it also shares some taste of history. These artworks have incredible historical value due to which they’re added to the gallery.

The administration also gives local artists an opportunity to display their artwork in different events and exhibitions. Even if you aren’t an art lover, you’d be surprised to see how beautifully various artists have expressed their thoughts in the form of paintings and other art types.

The gallery is available for tourists throughout the year, and there is always something happening in this gallery. You can talk to the guides and administration to understand the historic value of the artworks.

This gallery is located within the Glenhyrst Garden. So, you can enjoy some fun activities in this park if you want.

Experience Our Top Brantford Historic Sites

Brantford has remained an attractive destination for tourists who like to explore the history of Canada. Most importantly, it attracts international visitors with its most important historical site, “Bell Homestead.” If you ever got a chance to visit Brantford, you must take a visit to the Brantford historic sites we’ve mentioned above.

Although there are several other Brantford historic sites in the city, the ones we’ve mentioned above can make your trip memorable. But it doesn’t end there; you should also check out page entitled Things To Do Brantford where we go over some of our top activities to enjoy while in Brantford, Ontario.

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