Brantford Things To Do 

Planning to Visit Brantford, Ontario but haven’t yet prepared a list of things to do there?

Brantford is a historically rich city with lots of opportunities for fun and entertainment. 

There are plenty of attractive places you’d love visiting during your trip. But you won’t have enough time to visit all the tourist spots. Therefore, we’ve prepared what we call our Abundant Health Chiropractor Brantford ON Top List of Things to Do in Brantford, Ontario.

We bet you’d enjoy an incredible trip to Brantford if you followed these tips. Let’s take a look at things you can do in Brantford, Ontario.

See Where the Telephone was Invented

Let me ask you one thing. What’s the most important thing you can’t live without?

Obviously, we aren’t talking about Oxygen and water. We’re talking about items you use regularly. And I’m pretty sure that you’d agree that your phone is the most important thing you can’t live without.

The phone is not only a source of communication anymore, but it now offers fantastic options for fun and entertainment. The phone is the first thing we look at right after waking up.

So, won’t you consider visiting the place where the journey towards the future started? Bell Homestead National Historic Site is the place where Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. You can learn more about the Bell Homestead on our Brantford Historic Sites page. 

The Melville House is also connected to this historic site, and it’s being used as a museum now. Melville House was opened for the public in October 1910. You’d also get to explore the new telephone technology in Henderson House that is currently being used as a telephone museum.

We strongly recommend visiting this site if you’re visiting Brantford, Ontario, because it’s one of the greatest attractions in this city.

Explore the Art

We forgot to mention that Brantford isn’t just a historically vibrant city, but it’s also an incredible destination for art lovers. Brantford is home to a great little gallery where you can explore the fantastic artwork of local artists. Yes, we’re talking about Glenhyrst Art Gallery, where you can explore more than 600 pieces of contemporary and traditional artwork.

The interesting thing about this gallery is that it’s located in a stunning park on Grand River banks. It means you’d also get to enjoy incredible views while visiting this art gallery. And that’s not the only place where you can explore incredible artwork but there are several other galleries you may visit when you’re in Brantford.

However, if you don’t have enough time, you should at least take a visit to Robinson Fine Arts Gallery to capture the outstanding artwork of different artists into your camera.

Go for Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a fantastic sport many people wish to play at least once in their lives. The good news is that you can try this sport in this beautiful city. There is a massive sports arena named “The Great One” where you can go to try this sport.

The best part is that it’s not just a hockey arena and ice rink but also an indoor track and a swimming pool there. It means you can enjoy an entire day swimming, exercising, and skating. There are even day camps in this center where you can leave your kids to enjoy a great day without any worry.

Beat the Heat

Earl Haig Family Fun Park is the ideal spot for enjoying a great day during the summer season. It’s a perfect tourist spot for people of all ages because it features an 18-hole mini-putt, a splash pad, an 18 meters high water slide, and a 182 meters long lazy river. The park is only open during the summer season because it’s an outdoor attraction.

Does that mean you can go out for some enjoyment during the winter months?

Well, there are several other tourist attractions you can visit to spend some incredible moments. So, don’t worry if you’re planning to visit in the winter.

Get Close to Animals

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo attracts a considerable number of visitors every year. The zoo is located in the east of the city where you can see native and exotic animals like kangaroos, zebras, flamingos, wolves, deer, bears, fox, peacocks, lions, and tigers. You’d not only get to see the grown-up animals in this zoo but also see baby animals there.

This zoo is a great place where kids can have fun while learning things about species of animals. You can also get the chance to pent some of the animals in this zoo.

Enjoy the Food

Although Brantford is a small city, you’d still find lots of amazing restaurants here. You can enjoy the local food in these restaurants because there are only a few offering international cuisines. The food lovers may consider taking a visit to the Old School Restaurant that is known for offering Alaskan king crab legs, rack of lamb, filet mignon, and escargots.

If you’re trying to stick to a healthy nutritional plan, you’ll find our blog post entitled – Healthy Options for Eating Out in Brantford. We go through all the top spots to eat in Brantford if you’re trying to stick to a healthy meal plan.

If you want to enjoy a coffee, you might not know Tim Horton from the famous Tim Hortons coffee empire is actually from Brantford, with Brantford having the highest number of Tim Horton restaurants per capita in the world.

Take the Kids on an Adventure

Kidtastic Adventures is the jungle-themed indoor playground where kids can have lots of fun. It’s an ideal place for kids to release their energy. The place is crowded with kids on weekends. You can even leave your kids for a half or full-day summer camp in this playground and then go on a mission to explore Brantford.

Brantford is an ideal tourist destination for people of all ages. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your family, you can enjoy lots of activities in this city. Our list of things to do in Brantford, Ontario, will help you with enjoying an incredible trip.

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