About Abundant Health Chiropractic
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Abundant Health Chiropractic is based on the Maximized living concept of the proven power of the 5 Essentials which help you to unlock health and performance you never thought possible. Our clinic provides industry-leading chiropractic care coupled with a lifestyle design system that causes the body not only to heal itself – but to thrive.

So How Does This Benefit Me?

  • Dr. Lianne is trained by industry leaders in the latest chiropractic care and wellness
  • The Abundant Health Chiropractic team is trained to help you understand and apply the 5 essentials to your life.
  • Ongoing assessments using x-rays and scans allow the Doctor to know exactly how to move forward and allow YOU to see for yourself how you’re improving.
  • Ongoing teaching, seminars and workshops are available to help our patients implement the health strategies Abundant Chiropractic teaches.​

The Future of Healthcare, today

Abundant Health Chiropratic offers a different approach that a traditional medical clinic. It is a place where we focus on finding the root cause of poor health and addressing them – before sickness sets in or symptoms even show – by unlocking and unblocking the bodies natural healing ability.

If you would like to find out how Abundant Health Chiropractic can help you get on the path to optimal health, call our clinic today

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