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At Abundant Health Chiropractic we are truly blessed to have an incredible team of Doctors, Chiropractic Assistants, Health Practitioners and Support Staff we’d love for you to meet our team.

The Doctors

Dr Lianne Coombe Brantford Profile Image

Dr. Lianne Coombe B.A., D.C

Owner and Chiropractor

A little information about myself: I was born in Brantford, Ontario and did most of my growing up in Simcoe, Ontario. I have been blessed with an amazing family that I am very close to.

Dr. Kayla Cole

Dr. Kayla Cole B.A.hs D.C.

Associate Chiropractor

Incorporating exercise, nutrition, chiropractic and overall wellness into my life has been a priority from very early on. I have been receiving chiropractic care since I was a young teenager and have never turned back.

Our Chiropractic Assistants & Support Team

Janine Chiropractic Assistant Brantford Profile Image

Janine phillpot

Chiropractic Assistant

Janine comes to the team with a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness. Prior to joining the team, she had been receiving chiropractic care with Dr Lianne for 3 years.

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Chronic ear and neck pain brought her into the office seeking relief. Regular adjustments have helped heal these issues and keep her on her own personal path to wellbeing. In her spare time you can find Janine cooking up a storm in the kitchen, with a focus on creating sugar free and low-carb recipes. She also enjoys reading, crafting, gardening and spending quality time with her husband and sons.

Barbra Chiropractic Assistant Brantford Profile Image

Barbra Coombe

Chiropractic Assistant

Barbra is Dr. Lianne’s mother and she has been under Chiropractic care for 8 years. Barb truly understands the power of the chiropractic adjustment…

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because she is a walking testament to the bodies amazing ability to heal. When Barb was in her 40’s she was in a car accident which left her in chronic pain. She suffered with numbness and tingling in her arms and legs and was having severe neurological symptoms which left her with brief periods of paralysis. Like most people, she went to her medical doctor, who referred her to a neurologist. She was given no hope and her symptoms got worse. After her daughter (Dr. Lianne) became a chiropractor, she began receiving chiropractic care and she got better. Barb is now symptom free, and feels great. She understands the tremendous power of a chiropractic adjustment and is a great encouragement to patients. Barb has a warm caring heart and a passion to help people reach optimal health. It is a blessing to have her as part of the Abundant Health Chiropractic Team.

Rebecca Chiropractic Assistant Brantford Profile Image

Rebecca Reed

Chiropractic Assistant

Rebecca is part of Dr. Liannes extended family. She has been under chiropractic care going on 4 years now, and has seen massive and ongoing change in her overall health.

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“I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis when I was 12 years old and was on a waiting list for scoliosis surgery. Through youth and as a young adult I experienced issues like chronic pain, severe allergies, twisted posture, blackout headaches, and overall discomfort leading to a lifestyle that is not very active. Since starting chiropractic all of these symptoms have gone away and I am now able to work out regularly. I can honestly say I have a new lease on life”.

Rebecca has also seen tremendoes correction in her spine since starting chiropractic care and incorporating the Max Living Five Essentials into her life.

“I am so excited to continue using my own story to help people transform their lives through chiropractic and nutrition. In my spare time I love to cook, spend lots of time outside and with my family”.

Sarah Chiropractic Assistant Brantford Profile Image

Sarah Schnepf

Chiropractic Assistant

Sarah Schnepf was raised and lives in Brant County where she enjoys spending time in nature and being with friends and family.

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Her hobbies include reading, writing, biking and photography. Since receiving Chiropractic care with Dr Lianne and Dr Kayla, she has an expanded awareness and motivation for her own health and for her loved one’s health. She is excited to be a part of the Abundant Health team, to connect with people and to help them live healthier and happier lives.

Sabrina Chiropractic Assistant Brantford Profile Image

Sabrina Osmond

Chiropractic Assistant

Over the course of the last few years I’ve learned to carry a deep value for health on a multitude of levels.

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I have loved the journey of falling in love with taking care of my own health, and I am so excited to be able to help others through Abundant Health in their own health journeys.

Health Practitioners

Kevin Massage Specialist Brantford Profile Image

Kevin Kooger

Massage Specialist

Kevin was born and raised in Southern Ontario where he has always had a passion for the outdoors and nature.

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After reaching a stage in his life where his health was in serious decline, he committed to and achieved a complete transformation in his body, lifestyle, health, and happiness. This included a total career change as he attended Massage College in British Columbia, specializing in Deep Tissue Myofacial Treatment. He is now super excited to share his passion and expertise to aid people along their own journey towards Maximized Living and Abundant Health.

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