What Are The 5 Essentials?

HEALTHY LIVING 101: What Are The 5 Essentials?

An Introduction To The Five Essentials

An answer to the question “What Are The 5 Essentials?” – The first step to a maximized life is understanding your health.

What contributes to it? What are the most critical health factors? And of course, how can you create and sustain the level of health you want?

At Abundant Health Chiropractic, we believe and teach the concept of the “MaxLiving 5 Essentials.”

The 5 Essentials is a simple and complete system that focuses on the 5 most important health factors allowing you to live an optimal life.

Through this system, we find the causes of interference to well-being, remove them, and allow your body to begin functioning correctly again.

What makes the 5 Essentials so unique is that unlike most other health or fitness programs, the 5 essentials are entirely sustainable.

This sustainability means you can integrate each of the essentials into your life and never feel like you’re missing out, giving up, or sacrificing the way you want to live.

The 5 Essentials gives you the keys to unlocking the body’s own superpowers so that it can return to a state of optimal health, naturally.

Knowledge is king: understanding your body’s unique blueprint.

So What Are The 5 Essentials?

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Ensuring your nervous system is functioning properly is critical for health. Why? Because your nervous system is the superhighway, your brain uses to communicate to every organ and cell in your body. Chiropractic care is health care for your nervous system.


Nutrition goes far beyond what most people think it’s purpose is (weight loss.) Proper nutrition is key to sleeping better, increased energy, clarity of thought, and of course, the obvious decreased body fat and increased lean muscle tissue.


The proper mindset isn’t only essential to maintain and stay on track towards achieving your health goals; it is your mindset which determines the quality of the life you live. With the right mindset, you can do anything.


Exercise and increasing your body’s oxygen levels through exercise contributes to fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, improved body composition, better sleep, improved focus, and your body’s ability to fight stress, anxiety, and illness.


We are surrounded by harmful toxins every single day of our lives. Our system supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and remove toxins from our body.

A Complete System For Optimal Health

After reading the answer to the question “what are the 5 Essentials?” you can see the 5 Essentials is a truly complete system for optimal health.

By incorporating The 5 Essentials of MaxLiving into your life, you’ll not only look and feel your best, but you’ll also be ready to live your best life every day.

At Abundant Health Chiropractic We Help You Every Step of the Way

The 5 Essentials are designed to be more than just an aspiration. Our doctors are certified in all 5 of the essentials ensuring you can get on the path to optimal health and performance.

Learn More About The 5 Essentials

Want to learn more about the 5 Essentials? Visit our full MaxLiving 5 Essentials page.

Want to speak to a member of the Abundant Health Chiropractic team about incorporating the MaxLiving 5 Essentials into your life? Find directions to our Chiropractic Clinic here of visit our Contact us page today!

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